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In the 1920’s the children of Punta braved to cross the wide Pasig River to attend  classes at Sta. Ana Elementary School. What seemed then as a pleasurable daily adventure was cut only when the river become treacherous during the rainy months and at which time, they were forced to skip classes for their safety. Worried over these school children’s safety, the city authorities then decided to have a school right where they live. The first public school in Punta became reality in 1930.

Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School was originally an oil factory building rented out of the city government and renovated to accommodate a school population of about 200 pupils. It was named after a very distinguished personality, highly respected and much loved by Manilans in those times, the 6th mayor of Manila, Tomas N. Earnshaw. Today his bust stands conspicuously on one side of the quadrangle so that the pupils may take cognizance of the man after whom their school was named.

While today’s TEES bears no trace of the original which was modest structure entirely made of wood, its humble beginnings have not, through the ensuing years, been relegated to obscurity. Rather, they have became part of the yearly observance of Tomas Earnshaw Day, an occasion for teachers and pupils to remember the school’s pioneer’s, the 12 teachers under stewardship of the first principal, the late Mr. Francisco Romero, the first pupils, all who were part of the humble and dearly remembered school building.

      TEES now has the status of a school III by virtue of its enrolment size. The large concrete school building looms prominently along A. Bautista Street, Punta’s main road. It was by itself, a symbol of the great changes that occurred over the years. Presently, it has a population of  1, 860 pupils and  68  teaching and non-teaching personnel.  Its size and facilities are ideal by urban standards.

      The present school administration has the same noble purpose that past administrator nurtured.  And that is, to have a school with a distinctive mark of excellence. This purpose shared by the teachers made TEES what it is today. Its story will continue to grow. A tradition has been set. It will be kept.

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